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Building a Strong Community for All


State Directors within the U.S. and National Directors outside of the U.S.

Do you have a passion for the Pageant and Event Industry?

Do you want to have an impact on the future success of others?

Do you enjoy networking, building relationships and have a creative eye?

United Universe Productions' Directors love the pageant industry, networking, and building relationships while enjoying the creative aspect of putting on and hosting events. They have a growth mindset and welcome support, mentorship and enjoy working with teams.

United Universe Productions is committed to the success of our directors through our mentorship and education program that provides support every step of the way.

Our system helps to ensure profitability alongside uniformity across local, regional, national and international pageants.

Experience not necessary due to our turnkey Directorship Program!

What is Directorship?

Directorship with United Universe Productions is a contracted position that works with the organization to recruit delegates, sponsors, and fans on a local, regional, national and international level.


They are responsible for managing the competition(s) where the winners of each division is crowned with their highest local title and move on to the next level of competition.

The Director is the first line of support for all their delegates, sponsors and fans attending the local events. Their support continues to the delegates to the next level of competition. 


Directors are involved in assisting with the National and International Events.  They carry out the company's mission and overall vision while providing important feedback to the Corporate Office along with having an input regarding the organizations growth and culture.

A time commitment is required to ensure there is success for the Director, Delegates and United Universe Productions. They are also expected to attend the National and International Pageant events


Once a Director has been vetted, approved and the licensing fee has been submitted; they will be granted a territory to manage. By attending regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year; they will be provided support, mentorship, marketing education, networking, event planning, event management, relationship building skills, and business skills.

The United Universe Productions team has developed a multitude of ways in which a Director is able to increase profits, registrations, sponsorships and provide value to the delegates, sponsors, and fans. We believe our Directors should be able to be profitable and successful in putting on great events. Full processes and guidelines and support are provided in our Director's Handbook.

Our turnkey Directorship Program includes:

  • Logos

  • Marketing Materials

  • ContractsGuidelines

  • Policies

  • Judges Guide & Training

  • Production Guide

  • Event Planning Ideas

  • Press Release

  • Welcome Kits

  • Sponsorship Letter Template

  • Website

  • Virtual Pageant Guidelines

  • Merchandise Options

  • Social Media Accounts

  • Program Book Design

  • 100 Program Books*

  • Multiple Recognition Incentives

  • Sponsorships

  • People's Choice Management

  • Pageant Planet Profile

  • Marketing Assistance

  • Mentorship

  • So much more!

More details are listed in the Director's Handbook.

*With restrictions



Multiple Opportunities for Compensation:

  • Delegate Registration

  • Sponsorship

  • Ticket Sales

  • Program Book Sales

  • Merchandise

  • Silent Auction

  • Appearances

  • Activity Options

  • And MORE!

Directors are also supported with Recruiters bringing more delegates, sponsors and fans to increase their opportunity for ticket sales and ability to leverage other profitable methods available to them. 

Application Process

The process to becoming a director...

1. It starts with filling out the application below.


2. Submit a small, non-refundable fee for the background check. Safety is a top priority so we conduct a background check on every Director, Recruiter and Employee. We do not make any profit on the background check fee.

3. Application will be reviewed, if selected, a 1st Round Interview will occur with the Executive Staff via Video Conference Call.


4. Round 1 finalists will have 2nd Round Interview.

5. If you are crowned with a Directorship; a licensing fee is to be submitted in full, paperwork signed, and onboarding starts. This is where our Directors will receive social media accounts, marketing materials, guidelines, policies & procedures, schedules, and everything they need to allow them to have a successful launch!

6. WELCOME! You are officially part of the United Universe Productions Family!

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