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Finding Opportunities for All

Recruiters are individuals who have a passion for the industry, enjoys networking and able to start conversations with complete strangers in the effort of telling them about United Universe Production Competition Events! This is great way to get involved with United Universe Productions, generate income, and have flexibility in your schedule. No matter where you are in the world or how you prefer to work or how much you desire to work, you are able to start recruiting Directors, Delegates or Sponsors from day one of registering with us!

There are graphics, strategies, cards, and more available to our Recruiters to assist them in their efforts. Viewing ourselves an as educational platform we desire to work with out team members and welcome their ideas, initiative and are happy to support them! 

Recruiters are able to use any form of acquiring new "recruits" (that are legal and ethical, of course) so you are able to use the method that works best for you. We do not have any quotas, it is all up to you - unless of course you ask us to create quotas for you because that motivates you, we are happy to do so! We get that everyone works differently and embracing that is powerful.

The job is simple:

Recruit  >  Pass on to Office  >  Completed Registration  >  Get paid!

Commissions are based on the type of recruit. More information available after Recruiter Application Form has been submitted.

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What the ideal Recruiter for United Universe Productions looks like:

Self Motivated

Loves to talk, network and makes connections with others fast

Flexible hours and able to work remote

Enjoys strategizing

Able to handle rejection

Is a wizard on social and media platforms

Has an influential way about them

Confident to start conversations with complete strangers

Has knowledge and experience in the Pageant Industry (not mandatory but preferred)

Likes the idea that there is no limit to their income potential

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